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2018 Event Calendar

June - Missouri Vidal Blanc Wine Month
30: Annual Friends of the Winery Wine Club Barbecue

July - Missouri Concord Wine Month
4: Independence Day, Closed

August - Missouri Vignoles Wine Month
2: Teacher Appreciation Day
15: National Relaxation day
17: Missouri Vignoles Tasting Event

September - Missouri Wine Appreciation Month
3: Labor Day, Closed
21: Wine Tasting Event - TBD

11: Farm to Table Dinner
26: Wine Tasting Event - TBD

November - Missouri Chambourcin Wine Month
3: Annual Open House
11: Veterans' Day, Closed
17: Wine Tasting Event - TBD
22: Thanksgiving, Closed

25: Christmas, Closed

Closed December 30 through January 7, 2019

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