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Dry Wines

Missouri Norton Reserve 2016 Wine  

Aromas of raspberries and black cherries with a strong Missouri oak notes on the mid-palate and finishes smooth and dark.

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Prairie Fire Wine  

A medium-bodied dry red blend with a hint of oak.

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Missouri Norton Special Reserve 2016 Wine  

Grapes are sourced from a small grower. Low-yield fruit with very concentrated flavors. The light-bodied dry red wine is fermented slowly with extended maceration and aged in Missouri oak featuring bright red berry aromas and flavors of American cherry, dried figs, and clove.

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Van Till Chambourcin 2016 Wine  

This outstanding single vineyard is still young and somewhat stiff, but already shows superior balance. Its ripe layers of berry and cherry fruit are accented by streaks of caramel and a soft finish from French oak aging

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Van Till Norton 2017 Wine  

Light, bright, sour and fruity. This unoaked dry Norton is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.

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Chambourcin Dry Rosé Wine  

Made from 100% Missouri Chambourcin, this rosé is delightfully dry with vibrant acidity and a finish of bright red cherry.

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Missouri Chardonel 2017 Wine  

Finished in stainless tanks without oak, this robust Chardonel is crisp with elements of pear and apple.

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Missouri Vidal Blanc 2017 Wine  

A clean, fresh, and dry white wine with floral aromas and bold grapefruit notes. Best served chilled.

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Van Till Traminette 2017 Wine  

Exhibiting strong aromas of lychee, sweet grapefruit and honeydew; this crisp and dry white wine finishes gently with flavors of pineapple, citrus and hints of spice. Best served chilled.

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Semi Dry Wines

Red Tractor Wine  

Semi-dry medium-bodied red wine blend. At the end of the day, park the tractor and sip this one and watch the sunset.

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Semi Sweet Wines

Farm Shed Red Wine  

Ripe cherry fruit is cut by touches of raspberry on the gentle nose of this wine. The mouthfeel is light and soft, carrying rounded berry flavors, a hint of pepper and dried herbs on the finish.

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Missouri Vignoles 2017 Wine  

Pear, melon, and hints of pineapple highlight this semi-sweet favorite.

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Sweet Wines

Van Till Edelweiss 2018 Wine  

A crisp, white varietal wine made with 100% estate grown grapes. It exhibits wild fruit accents of pear, peach, and apricot. Sweet and balanced with a smooth finish.

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Ponderosa Mist Wine  

This sweet blush tastes like spring with fresh floral notes, soft citrus & melon flavors and a finish of the pleasant smell after the first rain.

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Missouri Traminette 2017 Wine  

A French-American hybrid with Gewürztraminer, this award-winning semi-sweet Missouri wine with a honeysuckle bouquet and a hint of apricot is best served chilled.

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Ranch Red Wine  

This Concord blend will tantalize your taste buds with wild flavors of cherry and raspberry and the delicious flavor of your childhood. 

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Ranch White Wine  

This sweet white wine deliciously combines aromas of lily, nectarine and grapefruit with a finish of pepper and allspice. Best served ice cold.

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Non-Grape Wines

Peach Wine  

Sweetened with single flower honey, our Peach wine delicately balances sweetness with a snappy & fresh finish. Best served chilled.

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Strawberry Festival Wine  

Made with whole strawberries to bring you the tender and juicy taste of summer all year long. This award-winning sweet wine is pure, rich, vibrant and jammy.

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Port Style Dessert Wines

Rapport Wine  

Bold raspberry aromas and sweet raspberry flavors with a warm strawberry hug on the finish.

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Norton Dessert Wine  

All the richness of a Missouri Norton is found in this award-winning dessert wine. Nutty and spicy aromas herald this smooth port-style wine followed by flavors of sweet grape and prune with a hint of oak on the finish.

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Infused Wines

Chocolate Rose Wine  

A sweet red wine blend infused with dark chocolate for a delightful and tasty experience. Pairs with buffalo and spicy barbecue wings.

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Citrus Sangria  

A sweet red wine infused with fresh citrus.

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Sassy Strawberry Wine   / Sold Out!

Is it chocolate or is it strawberry?
Complex and fun. Best served chilled.

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